Ever tried a sun protection from the inside out?

Ever tried a sun protection from the inside out?


The care is not so difficult at all – with the right foods you can even prevent from the inside out.

Greasing, staying in the shade, wearing long clothing: these are the most common sun protection options. But did you know that some foods and drinks provide a sun protection factor from within – by simply eating them?

According to various current studies, certain polyphenols produce some sun protection in the green tea, but also in the red wine. In the same way as betacarotin, a vitamin A precursor, for example, in apricots, red peppers, carrots, spinach, beetroot, tomatoes or papaya. It can almost double the UV anti- protection time of the skin, provides approximately the light protection factor 2.

If Betacarotine is diligently eaten six to eight weeks before a holiday, the skin darkens and shields better from the sun’s rays. But be careful: the sun protection from the inside is not enough.

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