Aloe Vera Information

Aloe Vera Information
Aloe Vera – Allround plant from the desert

Aloe Vera has been appreciated as an exceptional medicinal plant for thousands of years. It is regarded as a true all-round talent in medical and cosmetic use, because its active ingredient diversity of more than 200 valuable ingredients makes it a real first-aid plant. The gel of the Aloe Vera plant has a decongestive and cooling effect with burns, sands, skin redness and insect bites. Even naturopathic clinics successfully work with the gel of the Aloe Vera and thus support the treatment in the case of fire victims.


“Drug bomb” and skin care

A concentrated load of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, phytonutrients and essential oils is found in the miracle plant, which looks like a cactus. The gel obtained from the leaf of the desert lily has a healing effect on the entire human organism. Anti-inflammatory drugs have made the medicinal plant ideal for acne, eczema and skin rash. The carbohydrate acemannan contained is said to have a special healing effect. It supports the healing of the skin surface by the direct activation of the cells of the immune system. The salicylic acid also has an anti-inflammatory effect.


Cooling care

The plant juice of the Aloe Vera is felt as soothing, itching and calming in the case of hypersensitivity reactions of the skin.


After shaving, Aloe Vera acts refreshingly and coolingly on the irritated skin. The moisture content is restored and the skin tension is increased. Aloe Vera is also an excellent moisturizer for men. The irritant properties penetrate even into the deeper skin layers. Thus the gel promotes cell regeneration and is an invigorating refreshment for the skin just in summer and after the sport.

Beauty to apply

If you have an Aloe Vera plant, separate one of the lower leaves with a sharp knife from the plant. Depending on your requirements, you cut centimeter thick slices and apply the exiting gel directly to your skin. Remaining pars of the plant can be picked up in the refrigerator and are max. 2 more days.

If you do not want to gain the gel yourself, you can use the commercially available cosmetic products with the active ingredient for the sake of simplicity. For the production of high-quality cosmetics only natural ingredients of Aloe Vera from controlled organic cultivation are used. With careful processing and preservation, the healing active ingredients of the plant are preserved.

Since Aloe Vera has been used in modern skin care for external use as a cream, gel or spray, as a sun lotion or gently cleansing facial water for oily skin, the degree of awareness of the plant active ingredient has increased. In the cosmetics industry it is already an important component for healthy skin care. Even shower gels, hand creams or care lotions are enriched with the gel of Aloe Vera for the skin care and thus support the care of the most diverse skin types.

Many people also swear on the healing power of Aloe Vera as a juice or gel for ingestion. Aloe Vera unfolds antibacterial and antifungal agents in the digestive system, detoxifies and improves the metabolism, strengthens the resistance and structure of the cell membranes and thus ensures beauty and radiance from within. Wellbeing and energy is reflected in a healthy body and a healthy skin.


Forgotten power of nature

Aloe Vera has been used as a medicinal plant for many centuries in various cultures. For example, the beauty kings of antiquity have already recognized the potential of the plant and used Aloe Vera as a skin care product. Often, the old tried and tested things become unspectacular with time and get a little forgotten. The so-called Aloe Barbadensis Miller has a pure, natural power for health, beauty and well-being. Newly discovered and interpreted accordingly by the cosmetics industry according to the zeitgeist, this forgotten power of nature fortunately has already a successful comeback for several years.

Aloe Vera: Effect and application of the healing plant

The plant does not seem particularly skin-friendly at first sight. On the edge of the pointed leaves of the Aloe Vera plant sprout small spines, which serve to defend against animal enemies. But the matte green leaves of the plant, often referred to as the “queen of medicinal plants”, have it all: inside the fleshy leaves, the soothing gel of the Aloe Vera hides. Of the over 250 known Aloe species, only the Aloe Vera has a healing effect and is therefore also called “real aloe”. It belongs to the genus of the desert lilies and is cultivated world-wide. Mexico and India are among the main areas of cultivation, but also in Africa, Central and South America and in the South of the USA. In Europe, it is cultivated in the Mediterranean, especially in the South of Spain or the Canary Islands. With increasing tendency, because the gel-like substance of the leaf interior is a very positive effect on the whole human organism, especially on the skin.

Desert vegetation with moisture storage

In order to defy dry periods and the dawning sun, the Aloe Vera plant has developed into a true survival artist in the course of evolution – long phases without rain can surpass it without damage, because it stores moisture, similar to a cactus. Even an excavated Aloe Vera plant can continue to live for some time. For harvesting the Aloe Vera plant, the plant must be about five years old. Then the leaves, 60 to 90 centimeters long, are cut off close to the trunk. The pulp is used directly: it can be applied to the skin or cut into small pieces as food. The bitter taste, however, is in need of habituation. Freshly harvested, an aloe leaf is only durable for a short time. The application is simpler in the form of a further processing product.

Healing power from within and without

In the case of stressed and particularly sunburn skin, Aloe Vera creates as gel or bodylotion with a high proportion of its most important ingredient aloverosis. The irritated skin is cooled and sustained with moisture. In addition, the metabolism and the capillary circulation of the skin are stimulated and the regeneration of the skin is promoted by the varied vegetable nutrient cocktail from secondary plant materials, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. An Aloe Vera gel should therefore not be missing in the travel luggage for hot areas – even with insect bites, it relieves swelling and itching. Other possible uses are herpes, acne, atopic dermatitis, bruises or small wounds. However, the effectiveness is not scientifically proven. The ingredients of the desert lily should also have a positive effect on the skin and the entire organism when taken orally orally in the form of Aloe Vera – usually as a juice or dried in capsule form, but the scientific evidence is also lacking here – the effectiveness must be tested by everyone. In addition to supplying the body with vital substances, which have a beneficial effect on the organism, Aloe Vera mainly has the positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract. Oral Aloe Vera is supposed to lower the blood glucose level.


The content matters

The hype surrounding the miracle power of the Aloe Vera plant has led to the fact that it can now be found in various dosage forms and concentrations – even as a supplement in yoghurts. For a gel or skin product, the Aloe Vera content should be at least 90 percent. In addition, the proportion of aloverose should be considered. In the case of high-quality products, as a rule, no water is added; likewise, no color, perfume or preservatives are used for cosmetics. Then the regular enjoyment of the Aloe Vera plant stands in the way. If you are not afraid of the small spines of the Aloe Vera leaves and a little patience, you can reap the beneficial gel fresh, because Aloe Vera is also suitable as a tub plant for balcony and garden. At least in the summer, because one can not defy the miracle plant: Freeze.

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