Olive Oil Information

Olive Oil Information
Olive oil and more Olive oil

It’s one of the oldest natural products of mankind and was won over thousands of years ago in the Mediterranean from the fruits of the olive tree. Above all the Phoenicians and the Greeks were regarded as masters in the production of the precious oil from the flesh and kernels of the olives. From here the knowledge of the value of olive oil spread to Italy and Egypt. Interestingly, the antiquity estimated less the olive oil and its oil for the preparation of food, but as a basis for cooling ointments and other care products. Today, olive oil is re-discovered as a valuable raw material for processing into high-quality cosmetics such as skin care creams, lotions and shampoos on a natural basis.

Olives carefully harvested and cold pressed

The good properties of olive oil as part of a healthy diet are no longer a mystery at least since the discovery of the natural mediterranean cuisine. For the longevity of course, naturally nourishing Mediterranean residents are blamed not least for their olive-oil-rich cuisine. Oil from olives benefits from the fact that today, in principle, the tradition is harvested and won over centuries. Olives are usually still harvested by hand or, at most, with gently operating jogging machines. They are transported promptly to the oil mill and cold-pressed there in a gentle process with a maximum of 27 degrees of heating. In contrast to refined oils, valuable ingredients such as antioxidants are not lost. Only such high-quality and carefully treated oil is used for further processing to high-quality cosmetics. For example, organic-quality virgin olive oil is extracted from family farms in the Greek Peloponnese, Sicily and Tuscany.


Effective protection from wind and weather due to antioxidants

The human skin is exposed to the influences of wind and weather, UV radiation and environmental poisons. Especially on the face and neck as well as on the hands and in summer also on arms and legs as well as the remaining body parts the skin can no longer protect itself. The feared free radicals are those which attack the skin by oxidation, dry out and lead to premature aging. What the body can not afford on its own to protect the skin, can achieve a high-quality cream or lotion. Here, cold-pressed oil from olives shows its full strength as a successful “catcher” of free radical and highly effective supplier of antioxidants. Just the oxidation decomposes the acid protection coat of the skin and makes it appear wilted and powerless. In the olive oil, antioxidants such as the particularly effective polyphenols, supplemented by vitamin E, are abundant. The combination of radical scavengers and vitamin E is so well mixed that hardly any other natural oil can compete with it. This is true, for example, of corn seed oil, which is also frequently used in cosmetics. Although this has a high proportion of vitamin E, but without the valuable support of the radical catchers.

Delicate and elastic skin with essential fatty acids

Oil with a very high content of essential fatty acids counteracts drying out of the skin due to deficiency symptoms, natural disposition or aging as well as weathering influences and frequent washing and showering. After all, it is impressive 85 per cent, which in the olive oil on these substances so important for more elasticity and suppleness so important. This protects the skin like an invisible protective shield from the dreaded drying, wrinkling and forming of wrinkles. After the skin has been applied, the skin is once again delicate and supple with an olive oil-containing skin care product. After regular application, it regains its elastic structure clearly and noticeably.


Effectiveness confirmed by scientific studies

Crucial for efficacy in cosmetics is the use of only unrefined cold-pressed olive oil. Scientific studies have shown that it is precisely the monounsaturated fatty acids and the natural fatty substances, such as tocopherols, in the largely unnatural oils of olives, which prevent unwanted oxidation and render immune to decomposition processes. Therefore, olive oil is almost ideal for use in various cosmetics.

Olive oil-containing creams and lotions

Olive oil is suitable as basic material in conventional face care for a smoother skin picture as well as for intensive care as a building cream for particularly dry skin. As a water-in-oil compound, such an olive-oil-containing build-up cream contributes to the regeneration and a newly gained suppleness through the particularly long remaining on the skin. The tension sensation and the tendency to itch in extremely dry skin are particularly effective by vitamin E and other radical traps in olive oil. As a component of a moisturizing care cream for the face, neck and décolleté or a nurturing balm for the whole body, oil from olives is particularly good for silky smooth skin. This highly effective natural oil is also ideally suited as a component of hand creams and foot creams.

Shampoos with the power of the olive

The salutary effect of olive oil in skin diseases such as neurodermatitis and itchy eczema has been proven. Also an itchy and sensitive scalp, which tends to dryness and dandruff formation, can thus be soothed. This makes this pure natural product also suitable as a component of shampoos and hair curls against felt and brittle hair.

Olive oil: Skin care and protection

Olive oil is not only known in the kitchen as a vitamin rich and healthy oil. Also in the skin care the oil from the olives convinces by its high nutrient content. The fact that olive oil donates healthy active ingredients both internally and externally has long been known in the Mediterranean countries where the olive is at home.

There the healthy oil is used for cooking as well as for hair and skin care. If you also want to use the oil from the olive, you should pay attention that you buy a high-quality oil. That is, you should put emphasis on an organic olive oil. In addition, the oil must be cold-pressed.

If you have a first-class olive oil, you can start producing your own natural skin care products. You use olive oil as a base oil, you can apply it pure or as a cleaning agent into a cream. The effective oil is suitable for the face as well as for the rest of the body.

Olive oil: effect for the skin

Olive oil is a successful remedy for wrinkles. Due to its high vitamin E content it makes the facial skin supple and elastic. Vitamin E contributes to oxygen supply and prevents wrinkles. It tightens the skin and lends it its tension.

Because the oil is an excellent moisturizer, it is used in the skin cream for the face care as well as in the olive oil soap for the hands. It nourishes the dry facial skin and it makes cracked, brittle hands velvety soft.

Even on small wounds applied olive oil has a healing effect. It helps to cure minor skin irritations and is used in many countries as additional protection against the dangerous UV radiation of the sun.

Since olive oil is easily disinfecting, it is often used against pimples and eczema.

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