Sesame Seeds Information

Sesame Seeds Information

The trend towards natural skin care does not tear. Finally, the skin can also be used with sesame oil, for example, without having to do without high-quality care effects. After rubbing, the skin shines much more strongly and also the effect on the body is at least as good as their reputation. It can alternatively also be used as a natural oil for massage, since it works excellently against dry, contaminated and pale skin – it draws very deeply into the skin and gives her more Licithin, Vitamin A and E as well as Phyto Ostrogene. In addition, the pores are opened, which prevents deposits and makes the skin more smooth, supple and firmer in the long term. So you are living not only healthier but also more beautiful.

How is sesame oil produced?

The white and black sesame seeds (Sesamum Indicum) are mainly used for the production of the natural oil. The actual plants are slightly larger than a meter, the flowers are slightly pink in color and look similar to the thimble – but the plant grows rather in subtropical and tropical regions, throughout the year, so the harvest here is comparatively complex. The seeds must always mature and be harvested at different times. The picked plants are then dried and the seeds can be shaken out. However, an enormous number of seeds have to be harvested for the oil: per kilogram of plant, there are about 250,000 to 400,000 seeds, and one liter of sesame oil requires about 3 kilos of seeds.

Effect of sesame oil on the skin

Sesam oil contains the plant hormones sesamolin and sesamin, which are quite similar to the body-specific estrogens and also offer similar effects because they bind to the estrogen receptors in the body. They thus actively influence the skin condition, bind collagen and water intensively and thus ensure a much tighter and more beautiful skin. Particularly people with dry, irritated or poorly perfused skin can benefit, as well as people with slack skin.

Detoxifying effect of sesame oil

In addition to the skin-absorbing and invigorating active ingredients, sesame oil also contains vitamins, which act against harmful invaders in our skin. It prevents premature skin aging, restricts the formation of diseases and is very helpful – it nests itself in the fat layer of the skin and makes the structure more stable, at the same time it protects against pests and bad air – by the way, sesame oil is passed through. These antioxidants slow down bad, as the oil can hardly become rancid, so long shelf life is almost guaranteed.

The African mango, which has an optimally complementary effect to the sesame oil, also has a detoxifying effect. These can be ordered without obligation.

Skin care with sesame oil

The benefits of this natural product are very obvious for the skin: due to its compatibility, it is suitable for all types of skin, even for sensitive, dry or poorly perfused skin. It is suitable either for daily care or as a massage oil to be pampered. Since it penetrates deep into the skin, it can provide clean, open pores, which release pollutants, but also regenerate the layers of the cornea more strongly. It is also possible to detoxify the skin under the influence of slack or dry skin, so that the sesame oil can regularly massage into the skin, since it stabilizes with its hormones and at the same time protects the skin against other harmful substances.

It can also be used as a natural sunscreen, it has a light protection factor of about 1.2. If you want to spoil your toddler or baby, you can also massage the skin with sesame oil as it also keeps the skin smooth and supple.


Sesame oil is a skin care product with many areas of application which can be used not only in the kitchen, but also in the body to achieve excellent results without chemicals. It detoxifies, strengthens and nourishes the skin at the same time and is therefore ideally suited for the human body. In addition, the above-mentioned African mango is very well suited to achieve a cleaner skin image.

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