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Welcome To Our organic Store!

To protect our health, body and skin, we provide purely, 100% organic and vegan products. Many of them, like soap bars and candles are hand made. Each of our cosmetic items is hand filled, personalized and packed to order with recycled and reusable packaging to not only protect you but also our planet.

NaBeauty is the only seller of beauty and health products in the world, that provides in depth information about ingredients, why they are in our products and the way they are harvested. In addition, we make sure to lower the carbon footprint by allowing you to resend empty bottles to get refills at a lower price.

Our organic standards

Growing up on a farm in Germany, infused us with the knowledge of organic planting. Over 40 years ago, we already experimented with environment friendly strawberries, apples, cherries and raspberries. Due to many laws and regulations, it was necessary to change the way we planted, to make sure, no pesticides or other chemical products are being used on our plants.

With all that knowledge, we decided to come up with NaBeauty, a purely organic health and beauty store, making sure you get only the best there is.

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What Our Clients Say

Even though they are still new on the market, there products deliver 100%.
I tried for the first time and was rewarded with an awesome shower gel, all natural. I totally recommend them!
I love this website. It has a great selection of organic products for women of all ages, innovative and trendy. I will be a returning customer for ever! Thank you again!
Ordered some cosmetics and boy was I surprised. Each bottle had my name on there. That is customer recognition. I’ll definitely order from them again!
I have been using organic and natural cosmetics for quite a while now, but NaBeauty is an extra step further as they make sure the products are packed and filled at time to order, making them fresh, so you do not get old stuff. Totally recommended.

Our Organic Certificates

Here is a list of all certificates we have. This ensures you to get only the best and most natural products there are.

The Founders

We both are originally from Germany, growing up in small villages. Martin has always been close to nature. While grew up on a farm, growing and harvesting strawberries, cherries, apples and many other fruits, we already switched to organic cultivation in 1983.

Martin, living in Las Vegas is responsible for the marketing and sales process in the US.

Sebastian on the other hand grew up in a family owned florist business, thus being connected to all kinds of plants and fruits since a young age. In addition, Sebastian has a large garden with lots of fruit plants and trees.

Sebastian, located in Munich, Germany is responsible for the manufacturing and purchase process.