Be responsible

Be responsible

We all need to care for our planet as more and more people will be living here. Our resources are not unlimited, thus we have to make sure there is enough for everybody. This is only possible if we recycle and use what we have with caution.

NaBeauty is the only beauty manufacturer world wide who is committed to go the extra mile by doing the following:

  • Using only products from 100% natural and organic, known sources
  • Using only recycled glass and recyclable plastic containers
  • Using only metal caps where possible
  • Using 100% recycled paper for all labels on our products
  • Using 100% recycled paper for our shipping and invoice papers
  • Using 100% recycled paper for our shipping boxes
  • Enabling you to resend the glass and plastic containers to be refilled by us
  • Each product is dispensed at time you order, making sure we do not have unused containers of any product that we would have to throw away if not sold or used

We are sure that there is much more we can do to safe our planet. Let us know what you think we could do more.

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