As we mentioned many times, the founders are from Germany. In Germany, we had Organic Products for many years and they are pretty common. We have Organic Supermarkets, Organic Beauty Stores and Organic Restaurants.

The laws are very strict in Germany when it comes to health and pollution, making sure that pretty much everything is regulated, enabling us to provide you with the most up to date and 100% organic products on the market, finalized right here in the USA.

When Martin grew up on a farm, we already went Organic about 30 years ago. Also, recycling is in our nature, as we did it for at least 20-30 years already. We also have a system in Germany were every bottle, no matter if glass or plastic has a fee on it that you get back when returning the bottle at any supermarket. The fee is up to 25 cents a bottle and is charged everywhere, making sure, people bring the bottles back.

As we started this business right here in the USA, we want to provide the highest quality, 100% Organic health and beauty products made in the USA by strict German standards. To support the US economy, we do quite a bit of work right here in the USA. We individually mix, fill, pack and label each product here as well as making the soap bars or candles right here from hand.

We also buy all glass bottles and jars as well as all plastic bottles or containers right here from American companies as we want to be a supporter of the American dream. No country on the planet is better than the USA when it comes to fulfill your dream. So go out there and do it. Create something new and exciting, America is the place to do so.

USA and Germany are working hand in hand to provide you with the best Organic health products available. Check out our store for more information.

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