What we do

What we do?

With NaBeauty we do a lot of things different. With our Tag Line “Be Responsible, Be Beautiful, Be You”, we want to embrace all the good things: use 100% organic products, save the animals, save the planet and make you even more beautiful, as any of the chemical products that you can find in drug stores and beauty shops that harm you and your planet, could make you.

We want to embrace the YOU in our business, because it is YOU we want to make happy and feel good.

Preserving our Planet

As we all know, preserving our Planet is the key for generations to live. NaBeauty is committed to do whatever lies in our power to ease the burden on our Planet. Scroll down to see a list of things we do to make sure that our Carbon footprint is as small as possible.

Recycling and reuse of our containers

As soon as you collected 5 of our containers, glass or plastic, you can send them back to us for a refill. To benefit you for helping us to reduce the consumption of resources, the refill price will be lower than the regular shop price.

With this we hope to reduce the increasing of waste, caused by the production of millions of beauty bottles and containers every day.

Using 100% recycled paper

To make sure we are not increasing the consumption of our natural resources, such as trees, we use 100% recycled paper for our packing material, shipping manifests and invoices.

Absolute no Animal testing

At NaBeauty, we do NOT have any ingredient or product tested on animals. We make sure that no animal is harmed along the way. We place great value on that.

Animals are wonderful creatures and should have the same rights as a human being. It is in our duty to make sure that all animals are treated good and are not harmed or even killed for our pleasure.

Almost all of our products are vegan.

The products that are not vegan, contain for example goat milk or honey, that we assured come from farms where the animals are treated with dignity and respect. Just the same way a human would want to be treated. They are held free and have all the greens they need to live a healthy live.